New England Bantam Club

NEBC April  to include breakfast, basket show and swap meet.   Sunday April 2nd  9 - 12.   Don Nelson judging

 NEBC will be hosting a breakfast meeting that is being coordinated by Heather Reid and Shelley Vacca.  The breakfast will be free but of course we will accept donations.  We will have a brief business meeting  to review the up coming show and  take input for other events. So bring your thoughts and ideas. 
Basket show:  We will also hold a basket show.  What is a basket show?  A basket show  is an informal show. It serves several purposes:  1) it allows you to bring your birds out and get  an other opinion  on them. Ideas  on what to look for and get ideas of possible breeding strategies. 2) It allows you to show off your  birds to others in an informal  setting and lets them see them up close. 3) It it is a good introduction to those who havent shown before;  to get some first hand  knowledge and experience with out the stress of a formal show. 4) It allows  other  people  to see your  birds  and learn about them.

How do we do it?  We set up a few show cages (6 or so?)  One person at a time brings up there birds ane puts them in the cage.   Our "judges"  will look  the birds over and make comments suggestions etc.  Of course you can ask questions as well as  share your  knowledge  on your birds.  The primary goal is education for all.  In some cases the breeder will be the expert in the room sharing  their knowledge with us.  There is no charge for the show.  I would prefer if you let me know what your bringing for birds and the breeds andvariety ahead of time. Shoot me an email at  or call 508-942-6208. 
SWAP MEET:  This is open to the public. Non members will pay a $ 10 set up fee.   Birds must be from a tested flock.
Directions:   The East Middleboro 4H Club House is located at 183 Thompson Street. It is just off Rt 44  from rt 44 east  take a left at the intersection of RT 44 and RT105. if your comingform  Plymouth  take a right
at intersection of Rt 44 and rt 105. The club house is about a mile down on the left.